The Panza Gourmet Sticks Mini Bags Box Set of PANZA Gourmet Snacks
The Panza Gourmet Sticks Mini Bags Box Set of PANZA Gourmet Snacks

Mini Bags Box Set of PANZA Gourmet Snacks

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The Panza Collection Box Set

In need of Panza? Or want to impress with a unique gourmet find? Panza Mini Bags Box Set has you covered! You'll receive Panza's entire collection of 13 delicious flavors in our mini bags! Each bag containing one serving suggestion of five (5) PANZA sticks.  Savour all of Panza's unique guava sticks flavors, and enjoy a classic flavors like chocolate, coconut or peanut butter. And now try Panza's newest gourmet combinations with natural fig! Enjoy as a gourmet snack, use as a scoop for dips, ice cream or cream cheese. Pair with coffee, tea, or wine. Add to your next chacuterie board. Crumble on top of ice cream or shakes, or crush them to make crust for pie or cheese cake! The possibilities for enjoyment are endless!

All made with simple and organic ingredients, for a deliciously unique guilt-free gourmet snack! Panza is proud to be a women/minority owned company and family operated.

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