Unique Sweet Cracker Cookie Snacks!

Healthy and delicious anytime snacking! Thin, Crispy and Organic!

Versatility, a Panza superpower!

The Panza is the perfect anytime and anywhere healthy snack option.

Our delicious snacks also ideal to pair with coffee, tea, wine, cheeses, dips, fresh fruits, ice cream or added to charcuterie boards!

Scroll below for pairing ideas with The Panza Gourmet Snacks!

The Original.


Where it all began. Light sweetness bursting with flavor! The perfect companion for your coffee or with a dollop of cream cheese.


Tropical. Unforgettable.

Guava Coconut

Like the soft tropical summer breeze that invites you to savour every moment. Thin, crispy and deliciously addictive. Enjoy with ice cream, cheeses and shakes.


the senses awaker.

Guava Chocolate Kosher Salt

One of our most unique and intense combinations. Perfectly balanced sweet and savory flavors. Designed with the chocolate and wine lover in mind. Unleach the senses.


classic with a tropical twist.

Guava Peanut Butter

A sweetly organic energy boost. Grab and go, or pair with bacon, ice cream or cream cheese. Yes, we said bacon!!


simple. versatile.

Plain Sugar

Panza's great multi-tasker! A sweet, light and healthy snack or ideal companion to tea, coffee, cheeses, ice cream, shakes and so much more!


Clean. Light.


Classic flavor and unique crispiness. Quick, clean snack or pair with ice cream, cake or let it be your new 'whisky & coco'.


Healthy. tropical. crispy.

Chocolate Coconut

Robust, balanced and a healthy snack option alongside fresh fruits, shakes or ice cream.


the crispy brownie edge.


Bite into the crispy brownie pan edge everytime! Scoop ice cream, crumble into shakes or add as edible décor to your next dessert creation.

The Panza Gourmet Sticks Chocolate Kosher Salt Gourmet Snack

the new classic.

Chocolate Kosher Salt

A Panza all-star. A delectable balance of organic cacao and sprinkled kosher salt crystals. Perfect alongside your favorite wine or spirit. Or as a unique addition to any charcuterie board.


everloved classic. crispy twist.

Chocolate Chip

A true classic now with Panza's thin and crispy twist. Cozy up while watching a movie or game with Panza's chocolate chip and a refreshing glass of your favorite milk.

Fig Organic Sweet Cracker Cookie Snack The Panza

healthy. natural. delicious.


Fig like you've never tasted it before. Thin, crispy, balanced sweetness and natural fruit that you can see!


The unexpected.

Fig Chocolate Kosher Salt

Dare yourself and enter the realm of the different. Savour Fig's delicate sweetness balanced by sprinkled salt crystals and organic cacao. Pair with fine cheeses, charcuterie boards and your favorite wine. ¡Salud!


classic with a panza twist.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

Indulge while dipping Panza's PB&Chip into ice cream or crumbling into shakes. Or an on-the-go healthy and uniquely delicious sweet cracker cookie snacks!


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