Although The Panza is proud to be a 100% Women Owned Business, there are two panzas hard at work to make this happen. An ongoing 15-year equal partnership that began on a kitchen floor with a huge bag of quenepas to make bilí and a 3+ hour conversation.


Gianna, Panza’s owner and co-founder holds a B.A. in Fine Arts/Design with an Art History minor. She grew up around blueprints and construction sites. Design and aesthetics are a way of communicating and ultimately an extension of who she is. Gianna worked in the interior design industry for many years. As well as community liaison and art director at a non-profit art foundation. Focused on fostering the close relationship between humans, art and nature. Proud to be an out-the-box (over)thinker, obsessed with Golden Retrievers. Always looking for any excuse to hit the ski slopes, host a dinner party and drink spicy Bloody Mary’s.


Luckily for Gianna, her husband and Panza’s co-founder Roberto has food/beverage manufacturing ingrained in this DNA. As a third generation F&B manufacturer, Roberto has firsthand, in-depth knowledge of all the ins & outs of the industry. With an entrepreneurial mind and forging spirit, Roberto has successfully led multiple businesses. He is the proud father of three strong-spirited if you find him skiing, he might have some glitter on him happily whistling Frozen’s theme song. 

Mission bring moments of happiness to everyone. We believe that the simplest things can provide the best of memories and a delicious treat can liven up anyone’s day.  By doing this we honor our families' tradition of expressing love through the food we serve and share. At Panza we encourage all to share the taste, share the experience and live in the moment.

Panza llena, corazón contento  |  Full belly, happy heart