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Thin, Crispy, Organic & Chewy!

Panza sticks are a new kind of organic gourmet snacks!

Light sweetness bursting with flavor in 13 deliciously addictive combinations. Enjoy as a gourmet snack, or pair with your coffee, tea, wine and much more!

Panza llena, corazón contento. Full belly, happy heart. 


PANZA is Back!

Thank you all for your incredible support during the last few months! After so much work, our new HQ is open and running! We're exited to see all your orders come in!
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¡Gracias por su increíble patricinio en los últimos meses! Después de tanto trabajo y esfuerzo, nuestras nuevas facilidades estan abiertas. ¡Listas para recibir todas sus ordenes!
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Thin, Crispy & Chewy? Yes, Yes & Oh my goodness Yes!

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Ice Cream | Gelato

Your favorite Panza sticks can be used as edible scoops or crushed onto your ice cream, shake and gelato. Crispy, cool and delicious! From Chocolate Chip, to Coconut, to Fig...just get creative with the combinations!

Cream Cheese

Guava and cream cheese combination are the Caribbean cousins of PB&J. Scoop some on Guava, Guava Coconut, Fig or Coconut and let the flavors flow!

Wine & Spirits

The Panza's 'Sea Salt Collection', Guava Chocolate Sea Salt, Fig Chocolate Sea Salt and Chocolate Sea Salt were designed as an ideal pairing for your favortie wine or spirit.

Charcuterie Boards

Surprise your guests by adding Panza sticks to your next charcuterie board. Flavors like Guava, Guava Chocolate Sea Salt, Fig, Fig Chocolate Sea Salt, Plain Sugar and Chocolate Sea Salt can elevate any board. Cheeses, spreads, dips are just some of the delicious pairing possibilities.

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