The Panza Sweet Cracker Snacks founders

The two "panzas" behind The Panza

The Panza team


Although The Panza is proud to be a 100% Women Owned Business, there are two panzas hard at work to make this happen. An ongoing 13-year equal partnership that began on a kitchen floor with a huge bag of quenepas to make bilí and a 3+ hour conversation.

Gianna, Panza’s owner and co-founder holds a B.A. in Fine Arts/Design with an Art History minor. She grew up around blueprints and construction sites. Design and aesthetics are a way of communicating and ultimately an extension of who she is. Gianna worked in the interior design industry for many years. As well as community liaison and art director at a non-profit art foundation. Focused on fostering the close relationship between humans, art and nature. Proud to be an out-the-box (over)thinker, obsessed with backpacks, Converse low tops and Golden Retrievers. Always looking for any excuse to hit the ski slopes, host a party and drink spicy Bloody Mary’s. 

Luckily for Gianna, her husband and Panza’s other co-founder Roberto has food/beverage manufacturing ingrained in this DNA. As a third generation beverage manufacturer, Roberto has firsthand, in-depth knowledge of all the ins & outs of the industry. With an entrepreneurial mind and forging spirit, Roberto has successfully led multiple businesses. He is the proud father of three strong-spirited if you find him skiing, he might have some glitter on him happily whistling Frozen’s “How to Build a Snowman”.   

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